The Story Behind Screamin' Good

When Rise Myers’ autistic son Marc was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, she began a quest to find great-tasting gluten-free baked goods with the usual “melt in your mouth” feel of typical bakery goods. But everything she found tasted more like cardboard!

The existing gluten-free products available commercially, which use alternative flours like rice or soy, weren’t exactly appealing either!

So, Rise (pronounced Ree-sa) started experimenting with different bases and carefully developed our special recipes that have resulted in great tasting gluten-free baked goods! The results are amazing! Seeing a huge and unmet need in the marketplace, she launched Screamin’ Good Bakery in 2008.

As time passed, Rise developed recipes for brownies, blondies, krinkles and many other baked goodies in her 100% gluten-free bakery located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina (near the City of Greenville).

All of our gourmet baked goods come from the most natural and the freshest ingredients. People with dietary intolerance to gluten and wheat will find our products far surpass other gluten-free baked goods currently available.

We appreciate your trust and encouragement. Please share our story with your friends!

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